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Mulu Rocks! – Part 6 – Deer Cave


This will be the last part of my long-delayed and procrastinated series on Mulu. Sorry in advance, been through a lot of struggles recently.

As mentioned in my last post, Deer Cave is located adjacent to Lang Cave, just a short walk between these two.

As we approached the cave, a strong stench “attacked” us…


A pile of bat shit welcomed us. Not bad huh…


My bro and I posed for a photo at the entrance.

Deer Cave is a gigantic cave. It is said that the entire entrance of the cave can hold several Boeing 747s at any time. Pretty impressive size.


Walk in slowly..


My sis with her favourite peace pose :)


It’s getting darker, but still visible with naked eyes.


Once you went inside, I just kept on WOW WOW and more WOOOOOWWWWWW.


Amazing stones up there


Some pond inside the cave


The famous Lincoln-face


Great job from my bro to capture this amazing view. Water from nowhere


The another end of the cave, towards the Garden of Eden (yes, it’s named like that)


Infra-red camera, which captures the movement of MILLIONS of bats inside the cave.

Right after this tour, we went out to the observatory to see the “bat exodus”. This is when millions of bats fly out in big groups in evening time. I can’t show you how awesome it is because of my poor camera.

Before I left Mulu the next day, my family and I went for a walk at 7am. Err, mind you, it’s not a normal walk.


Canopy walk, which is about 50 feet above ground, it’s awesome! 35 bucks well spent :)

So, good things have to pass. I really had a great memory of Mulu.


I really hope I can return there again. Seriously. :)

God bless you all!

Mulu Rocks! – Part 5 – Lang Cave


WARNING: Indecent image ahead. Reader’s discretion is advised.

After resting at chalet for a few hours, we went to Lang Cave and Deer Cave tour.

In this post I shall dedicate it to Lang Cave first because it’s just too awesome for my cameras. :)

These 2 caves mentioned above are adjacent to each other, and just a 45-minute-leisurely-walk away on a nicely-built wooden plank.

Just need to bear in mind, to keep your hands off these animals on the handle. Haha


This little creature can really “cheat” your eyes.


It’s better not to play play with centipede.


The colour is intimidating enough…


Don’t make it angry!

After quite a long walk, we reached the mouth of the caves.


What can I say, simply stunning…

After some rest and drinking plenty of water, we went inside to keep exploring.

I must say, Lang Cave is damn impressive.


Guide of this tour. Very chatty lady, which is very good.


Very happy that the cave is very well-lit.


Product of millions years of chemistry.


Close-up look inside.


I can’t help but marvel at the different colours of the moonmilk stilts formed there.


They look like giant triangular earlobes.


How on earth they have those shapes…

PhotobucketMagnificent top-to-bottom joined together. Talk about 2 become 1

PhotobucketEnjoying the natural colours again.


A monument made by nature, not by human hands.


Dad and sis touch the only touchable moonmilk.

Touching any of the living ones will stunt their growth.


Terrific shot from my brother. Just awesome!


Erm, let your imaginations fly lah :P

Lang Cave is really graded A+++ for photo-taking! even though I thought Deer Cave is more awesome (wait for next post) :)

That’s all for now. See ya in the next post. God bless!

Mulu Rocks – Part 4 – Wind Cave & Clearwater Cave


It’s been a while since I update my trip at Mulu, which was more than a month ago. Oh I am so ashamed. Haha.

On the second day, we went to Wind Caves and Clearwater Cave. To go there, we must use long boats. The whole experience of taking boat is just so cool.

Just to show you, what is actually a LONG BOAT.

My brother and I on another separate boat. Really cool by just sitting on it.

The breeze of wind, the the ice cool water under the boat, how cool can it can be.

One can see how important is this river, not only for the tourist, but also for the local people here.


One of the houses by the river

Minutes later, we stopped by a Penan village, named Batu Begunan.

Got Astro bo… not bad huh..

Most of the authentic Mulu souvenirs are sold here. They are made of beads.

Very interesting wood carvings of hornbills. Kinda cute…

“Why nobody buy my stuffs… sigh…”

Some of the interesting rocks with its colours by the river.

Soon after this, we reach the jetty to these 2 caves.

1st up is Wind Cave. As the name says, it’s called like that due to the windy nature of this cave.

As always, chemical reactions reign supreme here over millions of years.

Art of time and chemistry, join the top and the bottom together. Fantastic.

The limestones/moonmilk even form different colours.

Another crystal clear shot, showing off the texture of the stones.

They look like shark fins, or porcupine. Haha

Some naturally-made monuments inside. See the hand?

Spectacular view inside the cave.

Clearwater Cave is just within walking distance from Wind Cave. Including this again…

Over 200++ steps again. However, this is actually nothing if compared to the one leading to Moonmilk Cave.

So we climbed up, and continued to be blown away.

Exposed limestones welcome everyone in.

GIgantic entrance of the cave.

Just one of the main watter channels inside this gigantic cave.

Some of the awesome rock view inside.

View from inside out. Great. What can I say.

Clearwater Cave is actually a system of many caves within. This tour only get us to the tip of the iceberg. The more exciting gems are only reserved for those in caving adventure tours. So, too bad.

That’s all for now. God bless you. :)

Mulu rocks! – Part 3 – Moonmilk Cave


As soon as we settled our accommodation, without further ado, my family and I proceed to Moonmilk Cave. This is the only FREE guide-less tour in the park.

So, here we go…

It’s about an hour walk from Park HQ, with frequent stops in the way to capture some of nature’s best offers.

Some mushroom-like creatures, sticking to the tree.

I could not help but wonder, how on earth such rocks could happen, and yet can hold plants. “Engineering” mind will never understand this, I think.

After some relaxing walk, then comes the hard part…

STEEP STAIRS. More than over hundreds steps!

They are obviously tired. These steps are pretty nasty to the knee joints.

Just give you another idea about how STEEP is each step. I like, I like. Haha..

After these pretty hardcore stairs, we finally reached cave’s entrance.

Tada. Small, but full of treasures.

Mama interviewed one of workers here. Imagine they have to climb those stairs everyday. Wow that’s really admirable.

So we went inside..

Keep your brain clean, please.

Some of the amazing moonmilk structures, formed through millions years of chemical reactions in nature, not in lab.

Close-up shots on the newly formed of moonmilk. Seems like sand, but will become hard rock.

This is just amazing. Simply walao eh.

Don’t hit it, it can really hurt you. See, they are sharp.

“Wanna a hug? Er, watch your head?!!”

This pictures says it all that I need to reduce in size.

Sis, are you sleepy?

Yum, this rock is so kissable :P

That’s all for now. God bless you all :)

Mulu rocks! – Part 2 – Overview of what’s here


Actually, I am still in the preview parts of this series. Allow me to be a bit more dragging, please?

Before I went there, I thought Mulu is just a place.

Even thought it as a town… haha..

No. Much more than that. It is officially declared as WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

These transparent glass plates are given by UNESCO to commemorate their status.

All in all, I will show you the places that I am able to go, as well as those I cannot go, and can only see through promotional pictures. Luckily they do have a model, overlooking the entire area of Mulu.

Here, I will cover all 4 major caves (which is the really basic part of Mulu) over 3 days. I can tell you, they are really bloody magnificent, and yet I could only see the tip of the iceberg.

However, alas, I cannot go to these places…

THE PINNACLES. This is the undisputed crown of Mulu. Too bad, my fitness does not allow me to climb it, and no time and money for me as well.

So many yet to be discovered, can only see here…

I guess these explains why foreigners from all over the world keep flocking there, but keep local folks slacking around in shopping malls. Even though each tour could cost a lot of money, I prefer those at anytime.

That’s all for me now. Keeping the Mulu dream alive :) God bless.

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